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Our experienced team of trainers and coaches are eager to help you meet your fitness goals. Learn how to break barriers both mentally and physically and prove you are stronger and more capable than you ever thought.

Read about our fabulous team below and don’t hesitate to come by the gym to meet us in person!

Tara Hancherow: NSF TRAINER

I am originally from Tisdale, Saskatchewan, and have now recently moved back from Montreal, Quebec. I have spent the past 11 years in Quebec, focusing on my competitive figure skating career and developing my professional career. After my competitive career, I started my degree at the University of Regina in Kinesiology, majoring in Human Kinetics.

I have 6 years’ experience in personal training and continue to strive to help people be successful in their fitness journey. As a personal trainer and competitive figure skater, this has helped me become a positive leader and coach. I have worked with different athletes in many varieties of sports such as, figure skating, hockey, golf and basketball alongside a wide range of other clients. I am driven and motivated to help others succeed in achieving their fitness and athletic goals while making it FUN!

Some of my highlight accomplishments in figure skating consist of Quebec and Saskatchewan Provincial Team member, Junior Canadian Team member, 5x Saskatchewan Provincial Champion in singles, 3x Saskatchewan Provincial Champion in pairs, Quebec Provincial Champion in pairs, Juniour Worlds, as well as other national level titles.

Danielle Smith: NSF TRAINER

As a mother of 2, I found my love for fitness later in life. I received my CanFit Pro Personal Trainers Certification in 2013 and haven’t stopped training or growing from there. Personally my love for fitness has given me many acknowledgements and awards, 2nd place at 2014 & 2015 SABBA in bodybuilding and physique categories, 4th place at 2017 Canadian National Powerlifting Master Class and 1st place at The Saskatchewan Provincial Powerlifting meet in 2018.

I have many paths in fitness that I am passionate about. After becoming a certified Personal Trainer in 2015 I started working towards my kickboxing fitness instructor certification and today I’m a level 2 instructor. I have training in fitness bootcamps, marathon prep class and multiple nutrition courses, all in hope that my knowledge can help better support my clients and their fitness journeys.

Keenan Carrier: NSF COACH

As a former high level athlete and current educator and coach, my focus is to help people reach their potential and be the strongest version of themselves. Being born and raised in Tisdale, my passion for sport has led me back home to help athletes reach their athletic peaks. Being a coach is one way that I achieve this passion, another is through training. I have received my certifications as a personal trainer, a strength and conditioning coach as well as sports nutrition through the International Sport Sciences Association (ISSA). If you are an individual who is looking to build a more athletic and stronger body, I can help you reach your goals.

My background includes being a provincial caliber track and field athlete as well as having a seven year post-secondary football career where I captured three national titles with the Saskatoon Hilltops and competed for The University of Regina Rams for two seasons. I believe that athletic training is not only beneficial for the athlete, but it benefits anyone who wishes to live a healthy and active lifestyle. I look forward to working with you.


I am a registered nurse who is passionate about balanced lifestyles. I fell in love with spin a few years ago when I was struggling with my mental health. Spin allows me to be inspired by the space between where I am and where I want to be!

I originally trained at Wheelhouse Cycle Club in Regina for 8 months while obtaining my degree in nursing. I decided to move home in February of 2018 to start my nursing career. I was devastated to leave my love for spin in the city but wanting to start the new nursing chapter of my life. I am excited to be bringing spin to Northern Strength Fitness and share this passion of mine with the community of Tisdale and the North East area of Sask! Book in and let’s ride together!

Brandon Krawetz: NSF TRAINER

I have always had a passion in helping others learn and to reach their fullest potential. This is why I started coaching and training in high school, which later led to me becoming a Physical Education Major. After taking my Kinesiology classes at the University of Regina, I was extremely intrigued with all the many ways to train and build in nutrition for optimal wellness.

I’ve been teaching Phys Ed. for many years and have coached a variety of sports. Being a teacher of many different age and skill levels has really helped me understand the development of movement and how to explain it to anyone. I really want my members to have a great experience and believe knowledge is power. This is why my sessions focus on not only a great workout, but knowledge of what you are doing and why. Feel free to ask me for any kind of tips. My passion is helping people and I’m glad I have found a home here where I can continue to help even more people.


My yoga journey started well over 10 years ago, whilst trying to navigate life by still maintaining positive mental, physical and spiritual health.  Back then as a mother of 3 living on an acreage, finding time and
balance in my life for self-care was somewhat more of a challenge, but still a necessity. I started by attending local classes and finding the discipline to practice at home on a regular basis. This interest led me to an Ashram in BC where I completed the 10 Day Yoga Program, and also participated annually at the Big River yoga retreats. More recently, I completed my Yoga Teacher Training (YTT 200 hour)
course at Inner Peace Yoga in Saskatoon. I have also taught classes in Star City.

Yoga has been my lifeline! It can help manage and dissipate pain, improve posture, flexibility and balance, increase muscle strength, assist with weight management and digestion.  My hope is to inspire and help others explore these benefits, encourage self-care and enable others to practice and enjoy yoga whatever age, or ability. Yoga is truly for everyone! For when the body, mind and soul are in harmony you can feel strong and at peace.


I am a mother of 2 young children and a billet Mom. Before buying my Dairy Queen I was trained as a non invasive cardiology technologist, and I missed helping people obtain healthy lifestyles. So I certified as a group instructor in 2015 in PiYo, CIZE and Kick. I loved group settings but wanted more! So 3 years ago I became a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist with ISSA. I’m excited to be able to bring my passion the NSF family and want to build you up.

I’m an experience instructor, having done group training in Melfort as well as train the Melfort Mustangs. I am looking forward to offering a morning class, Cardio Blast, to start with the North Fit Fam! I love the atmosphere of a group class, and I enjoy showing people just how strong both mentally and physically they can be. It’s a true joy for myself to see my classes grow in strength and happiness. I can’t wait to laugh, sweat and grow together with you.

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