Gallery Transformations 



“The start of this journey was being apart of something much bigger with people with like minded goals. Having that accountability and just a tad bit of competitiveness was what I needed to get through the last 6 months. But when Covid-19 hit, it definitely hit home that I had to dig my heels down deep even more now that I didn’t have the gym to go to. It all comes down to this and I kept telling myself this “ how bad do you want it” cause in the end you’re the only one that can get you to this finish line. Having already lost 100lbs I’ve experienced the blood sweats and tears that go into reaching your goals. Not just in the gym in the kitchen, slowly easing back on my portion sizes and making smarter snacking choices were the slow and steady results that I wanted to see!The gym opened up again in June and it was so nice to have that welcoming feeling coming back! Seeing all of the friendly, supportive people was just that extra kick that I need to finish the transformation challenge. I’m definitely not where I started and not where I want to be but with the help and support the goals are just that much closer!”

Canadian Atmosphere

We strive to have a welcoming, fun, and encouraging atmosphere! Come experience what it is like to be part of our #NorthFitFam